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  • Product released in Play store since Jan’18 and IOS version launched recently.
  • According to users and experts, a superlative product, compared to our peers as it actively involves all the three cornerstones of the transport sector, the shippers, truckers and the drivers.
  • Unique in nature, as drivers are active users on our platform.
  • Validation of credentials is given utmost priority to ensure transparency and security.
  • Shipper / transporter related documentation such as GC / Invoice driver related documentation such as trip sheets can be updated and retrieved real time basis.
  • Standard MIS reports for shipper / transporter available and can be customized too.
  • Aided by GPS tracking, traceability is 24/7.
  • 24/7 Call and control centre assistance
  • Enabler of industry's sustenance and prospects

App is available for free on
Google Play & App Store

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